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The Gates Of Fire

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Steven Pressfield wrote this book. It is about the famous battle of Thermopylae. This

Is where three hundred Spartans killed thousands of Persians, and saving Greece. Out of those three hundred Spartans only one survived the battle. This man is by the name of Xeones. He is the one that tells the story.

Xeones first starts talking about when he was a young boy that he always used to play with his female cousin Diomache, and his friend that is older than both of them named Bruxieus. Both of his parents were killed by invaders. His cousin is rapped by the invading soldiers. His older friend and his cousin all survive. They all flee that city to go live up in the mountains. Xeone's cousin almost dies after she tries to abort. He vowed to take revenge against the invaders who killed his parents and rapped his cousin. Xeones will have this hate and discontent for the rest of his life.

One day he was stealing chickens and got caught. For his punishment he had a nail driven into his wrist. Now he could not do anything with that hand. He wouldn't be able to hold a sword. That meant that he could not kill those murderers. He was so ashamed of himself that he tries to commit suicide, but the god Apollo comes to him and proves him wrong. After his elderly friend passed away his cousin and himself move to another place at his cousin's aunt. He was there until Diomache is old enough to get married. He then leaves to Sparta. When he gets there he can't be a soldier because he is not a citizen from there. The only things he can do are being a slave and serve the soldiers. He was willing to do anything to serve with the Spartans.

Xeones had several masters, which he cleaned their gear after training or actual combat. He gets married and has two children, but has nearly any time to spend with them because he is always with his master. One of the most famous kings ever to rule was Xerxes. He ruled the largest empire to ever exist. Then he decided to rule the beautiful country of Greece. King Xerxes has an army of two million soldiers. Greece



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