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Harry Potter

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What is the most famous recent novel? Many novels are published every year, but actually, there are only a few novels that become famous and popular, and Harry Potter series is one of them. J. K. Rolling who is living in England and got many prizes by this series of books. These books are loved by lots of children, and adults. She hasnЃft finished writing yet, but I am going to introduce the first one, which is called ЃgHarry Potter and the PhilosopherЃfs StoneЃh.

First of all, this book is fiction. The story is stated in the real world, contemporary in England, but the magic is described in this book, so there are wizards, witches, and many kinds of creatures. Of course, there are normal humans too, but they are called Muggles who donЃft have magic power, so they donЃft show up so much. Anyway, the story of this book is about Harry, who lost both parents when he was one year old, and his first life at Hogwarts School, which is for young wizards and witches. The story begins at Mr and Mrs DursleyЃfs home, where Harry has lived since his parents were killed by an evil wizard named Load Voldemort. Harry is living there because Mrs. Dursley is his aunt, but this family really hates magic things, so they turn sour to him. One day, he gets a letter from Hogwarts, then, he realizes himself that he is a wizard, and he decides to go to the school. After Harry starts his new life at Hogwarts, he makes friends, learns much kind of magic, and knows about himself and his parents. Then, one day, he knows about philosopherЃfs stone, and also Load Voldemort is seeking it. Therefore, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, go to secret room and fight against Professor Quirrell and Load Voldemort. Thanks for HarryЃfs talent and magic power, he defeat them and protects the philosopherЃfs stone.

In this story, there are lots of unique characters. The protagonist, Harry is a smart, brave, and inquisitive person, so he gets in a lot of troubles at the school. Other characters, especially, HarryЃfs best friends, Ron and Hermione have unique personalities. Ron, who was born between typical wizard and witch, is very frank, funny, and cantankerous. On the other hand, Hermione was born between typical muggles, and she is smart, earnest, and honest. As you can see, they have opposite characteristics, so they often quarrel over a petty issue. Mr and Mrs Dursley are typical muggles and hate them. They have a son called Duddly, he is big fat boy, who always bullies Harry as parents do. Harry is treated so badly by them, for example,Ѓh Perhaps it had something to do with living in a dark cupboard, but Harry had always been small and skinnier than he really was because all he had to wear were old clothes of DudleyЃfs. He wore round glasses held together with a lot of Sellotape because of all the times Dudly had punched him on the nose.Ѓh Also, there are many unique characters at the Hogwarts, such as headmaster of the school, Dunbledore, and the antagonist of Harry, Malfoy.

Not only this book, the theme of Harry Potter series is ЃgloveЃh, and ЃgfriendshipЃh. Harry could alive from Load VoldemortЃfs attack because his mother used magic



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