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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

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Essay Preview: Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Tim Marples

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was written by J. K. Rowling is the sixth installment in the series following the life of Harry Potter. As Harry grows older and more mature so do the themes of the books. The first books were more fantasy oriented rather than plot, when now you are on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and plot twists.

The book starts out from a different perspective. This is from the muggle world, and how they are getting on with newly reborn, evil wizard, Lord Voldemort, running around and reeking havoc. After being refreshed about where Harry left off from the last book, Rowling sets off to exploit a passed prejudice against Professor Snape. With this emotional jolt it is hard to put the book down.

The climax of this book is written in such a manner that you can't go to sleep until you have finished. If you read this book with no prejudice, then there is no way you can avoid being immersed in the mind of Harry. Imagine that you had no one that was ever there to protect you, from when you were 1 year old to when you were 11 years old, and then one comes along and treats you with utmost respect. He helps you and protects you from that point on. Then the one you were most suspicious of kills him in front of you. What would be running through your head? That is just a little paragraph of emotion that probably doesn't give any justice to how Rowling wrote it. But with all this emotion and hatred that you feel, she leaves you with thoughts of confusion in the end. Someone that is evil enough to kill one of the kindest people in this book, has be evil throughout his entire being, right? Then why wouldn't he have killed Harry when he had the chance, instead of, what is sounding like, teaching him one final lesson before



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