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Gunpowder And Lead

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Gunpowder and Lead

The song hot on the charts that has fans all over riled up and cranking up the volume on their stereos comes unexpectedly from a cute little blonde by the name of Miranda Lambert. The single, Gunpowder and Lead, from her newly released in 2007 album, Crazy Ex- Girlfriend, has women uniting and men questioning how they treat their girlfriends. Lambert, 23, decided after seeing how well her first album, Kerosene, did to use the same producers, Frank Liddell and Mike Wrucke. She stated, “We really didn’t want to change anything because Kerosene worked, and you know, if it ain’t broke?” The single, Gunpowder and Lead, reflects many of her other, girl power, in your face songs. “You can take each song on this album and compare it to the first record, and you can see that it’s an upgrade,” says Lambert. Another aspect of Miranda Lambert that fans find truly amazing is that she writes, or co-writes all of her music. In Kerosene, Lambert wrote or co-wrote ten of eleven songs, and in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend she wrote eight of eleven tracks, an amazing feat for a 23 year old up and coming star.

Lambert’s music, along with the single, Gunpowder and Lead, has the authentic feel of old-school, take-no prisoners country music. Her songs talk about real things, and her kick ass attitude really brings her music to life. Lambert stated to Dial-Global during an interview that, “The song is actually about waiting for a husband to get out of jail so she can shoot him. But it came from a real place in my life. When I was fourteen, my parents took in abused women and children. I had to share my room with a mom and daughter, and my brother had to share with two brothers while their mom lived downstairs. It was a three bedroom house. It really has meaning to me.”

You only get a little background on the song as she belts out, “slapped my face and he shook



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