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Gun Violence Speech

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Essay Preview: Gun Violence Speech

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Did you know that on average, 96 Americans are killed by the faults of a gun a day? That 7 children and or teenagers are also killed by guns as well? Gun Violence in our country has begun to spiral out of control. You can get a license to carry and conceal a weapon faster than you can get a permit to drive a car, motorcycle, bus, car, or even to bake. With guns being so easy and so accessible it is not too hard to see that things such as gun related homicides, mass shootings, and other tragedies due to gun violence exist. However, by the time I am done speaking to you today, I would like you to know the true dangers that lie within gun violence and provide solutions that will not only benefit us of the present but also the children of the future as well.

So, why is gun violence such a huge ordeal now? Well guns have been around for a while; That is not a big secret. It is also extremely easy to purchase guns again, which is also not a huge secret. However, what is becoming a fad is that people are going out and purchasing Assault rifles and shooting in very public places, such as churches, schools, movie theatres and other places that they deem acceptable. Their reasons vary from, mental illness, hatred, bigotry, and other various things. But there always seems to be a pattern with these shooter, there were signs that mentally there was something that was going on that should have alerted sellers not to sell to them. Yet it does not matter to the seller, because money is money is money, so no one bats an eye when a very visible, emotionally disturbed person comes in asking for large purchases of weapons and bullets of mass destruction. However you may look at it, this is once very rare occasion that once was an extreme has started happening at an alarming rate, to the point a mass shooting happens nearly once a day. However, another type of gun violence is happening. Street violence.

Street violence is the type of violence they try to portray on CNN. Politicians pain these very vivid and embellished truths about what it is like living on the streets and how guns have shaped and reformed the ghettos that people live in, and this is the only area that is affected by gun violence. I am a witness to gun violence and street violence when I witnessed my sister get fatally wounded by a gun, as well as my friend getting injured as well. It is not just this constant shoot out between poor people who are bored and lazy, who have nothing else to do. It also happens to random people at random times just because. So how do we stop it from trending yet again? Perhaps I have a solution.

I think that the selling of guns will drastically decrease and not be as horrendous if we have bullet control. I think if you limit the number of bullets one can purchase, and how many bullets a gun range or gun stores can legally carry bullets, I feel as if this will solve the problem. Banning guns won’t solve the gun issue, because since it is our



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