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Guitar Highway Rose

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Through the duration of the novel you get to see why Asher doesn’t like living in his new home and going to his new school. He meets a girl named Rosie that falls in love with him straight away. Rosie would follow Asher to the end of the world and back and that did not make it hard at all for when they ran away. Through this essay I will talk about why Asher and Rosie ran away, Why Asher is angry at the world, Was alienation a key theme of Guitar Highway Rose, why this book was called Guitar Highway Rose and If the book accurately portrayed the problems of growing up.

Asher was furious that his parents split up and what mad him even angrier was that his mum moved him away from his dad taking Asher with her. Asher got put in a school where he was looked at as an alien, an outsider. Asher met a girl called Rosie that liked him. When Asher got blamed for the wallet being stolen, Asher was outraged that Mrs Hyde accused Asher of taking the wallet just because of him being the last student to leave the classroom. He told Rosie that he was going to run away again and so Rosie said I'm going to go with you. I think it was a really dumb idea to run away at the age of 16 because a lot of terrible things could happen to you like you could get murdered, mugged, rapped, injured or kidnapped. Because of them running away they have caused havoc in their town. Their parents worried sick about what is going to happen to them, all the police officers that have to use their time to try and find them and all of school time missed out on.

Asher is angry because his parents broke up and he got moved away from his father to a place that he thinks has it out for him. When he got sent to his new school he did not have the correct clothes so he kept on getting in trouble and so Mrs Hyde started to dislike Asher, which leaded to Mrs Hyde leaving her wallet in her car and accusing Asher of stealing it. All of these events lead to Asher running away with Rosie. I think Asher is having a bad time because of getting moved around, parents breaking up, new school and new life. I think all he needs is to settle down and relax for a while until



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