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Electric And Bass Guitar

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Electric and Bass Guitar

The electric and bass guitars share many of the same qualities but are still completely different instruments. There are many techniques that can be utilized to play these instruments together or separate. Together the electric and bass guitars can be played in unison to form different genres of music. Although they are different instruments the electric and bass guitars have many characteristics that are similar.

The basic shapes of electric and bass guitars are made from the same template. The head contains the turning pegs, the nut separates and holds the strings in order to keep them even spaced apart. The fret board contains the nut, and the frets. The frets are metal strips placed horizontally down the fret board, placing your finger in between any of the frets creates a different note allowing for a wide variety of sound. The turning pegs are used to hold the strings and tighten or loosen them in order to get a different pitch for each string. The body contains the pickups, bridge, volume controls, tone controls, and output jack. Pickups are used to absorb the vibrations of the strings and turn them into the sound that is emitted from the speaker which is connected via instrument cable to the output jack. The bridge holds the bottom ends of the strings to keep them elevated off of the fret board. Volume and tone controls change the sound that is sent to the speakers. All of these parts are vital parts of each electric and bass guitar.

There are several techniques to playing the electric and bass guitars. Strumming techniques are used to play two or more strings at a time. Pick strumming involves using a pick to strum the strings up and down. Finger strumming, a little more advanced, involves using your thumb to strum the top string while using the index and middle fingers to pull at strings lower than the string that the thumb is playing. Picking is used to play



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