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Group Dynamics

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Farhad Ferdaus

Group Dynamics

Unit 10 Journal

        The final project for group dynamics was to come up for an idea for a board game. My group was chosen just based on who I was sitting next to. I didn’t get a chance to pick anybody personally for my group. Overall the group worked OK together. We had way too many people agree right away on a concept. I felt like I was the only one to question someone’s idea. The good thing was that I was able to question someone’s idea and nobody got offended or mad at me for that. I contributed the overall idea for the game and then little things were added here and there. My group members did a great job of giving feed back to my ideas but when someone else, besides me, gave an idea they just said yes and moved on. There was one group member who never showed to class or had any participation in what the group was doing. I can’t remember his name but he is the tall kid in my group. I will say that Abdu did a great job in the group. Hughes also did a great job of keeping everyone focused on the task at hand. In my opinion I think this is a weird project to do with people that aren’t in high school because it doesn’t help in the real world. This isn’t a serious enough topic to truly get other group members to care. If it was a concept to create your own invention or create something that would translate to the real world would have kept the attention of everyone in my group. Our work styles conflicted but I think that as a whole we overcame out personal ideas for the common goal. Not everyone in the group worked equally at all, not even close but that goes with the topic not being interesting enough to keep everyone’s attention.



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