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Great Experiences

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College Essay: CT1

Question: We would like you to describe a person, situation, or experience that influenced your character development.

An experience that influenced my character development was when

my mom and dad took me to Ghana West Africa, so that we could help

people in need in the village. In the village they had no electricity and no

runnig water. They had an abundance of fresh food, but it was given to them

to sell, so they weren't allowed to eat it unless they could pay for it. But the

event that caught my eye the most was the children, having fun and being

grateful for everything they had at their dispense. This really showed me

how kids in America are very ungrateful when we should be thankful for

everything we have. But, most importantly it showed me that although it

seemed to me that I wasn't ungrateful, I didn't appreciate the small things

that looked like everyday life to me. Small things like my mom taking me to

and from my games and driving me to school every morning, might seem

like a small deal, but my parents have to invest their time and money driving

me around. The small things that most people take for granted, like running

water, coming home to electricity, and going to school on buses, the kids

back in the village could only dream of.

For water the people back in the village had to go to the river and

scoop the water with pales. When the were scooping the water it looked

very unhealthy for anybody to be drinking. To get to school the kids had to

walk miles because they didn't have enough money to take the bus and

nobody in the village had a car to drive them to school. Some of the clothes

that the children were wearing were very worn out and too small



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