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Great Expectations Essay

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Revenge is a moving force behind many of the characters' actions in the Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations. Miss Havisham wants revenge on the entire male race. Compeyson wants revenge on Abel Magwitch because he has property and money in New South Wales. Arthur Havisham, Miss Havisham half brother, wants his revenge on Miss Havisham because their father left her most of the money and estate. Pip does not realize that Miss Havisham and Abel are both using him for their revenge.

Miss Havisham wants revenge on the male race because of what happened to her on her wedding day. Miss Havisham uses Estella and Pip in her plan for revenge. Miss Havisham makes Estella cold and mean towards men. Miss Havisham becomes upset with Estella for being cold towards her. Estella argues that it's her fault that she is the way she is, "Do you reproach me for being cold? You?' 'Are you not?' was the fierce retort. 'You should know,' said Estella. 'I am what you have made me" is the argument between Estella and Miss Havisham (Dickens 156).

Compeyson wants revenge on Magwitch because he has money and valuable land in New South Wales, Australia. When Magwitch escaped from jail he went to New South Wales for a number of years and earned money and land to give to Pip as his beneficiary. When Compeyson heard about this and how he was back in London he had a plan for him to get captured. When Pip and Herbert choose their day to take him to the steamship, Compeyson is waiting for him. When Magwitch sees Compeyson he starts to fight him and the steamship plows through them and knocks out Compeyson and Magwitch. Compeyson is killed and Magwitch is severely injured. When they find Compeyson's body they also find all of Magwitch bank books and his land deeds, "...contents of his pockets, note were still legible, folded in a case that he had carried. Among these was the name of a banking book in New South Wales where a sum of money was, and the designation of certain lands of



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