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Great Expectations Essay

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Essay Preview: Great Expectations Essay

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Through Pip's relationship with Joe and many other characters in Great Expectations, he learns what true wealth is. In the beginning of the story, Pip is very excited about working with Joe in the Forge. He thinks of it as the road to manhood. After he goes to Satis House, his views change. He begins to focus on money and status. Luckily, later on, although the circumstances are not ideal, he realizes what he has been neglecting and what is really important in life.

When Pip finds out that Magwitch, the first convict he met on the marshes when he was a child, was his benefactor, at first he is angry. He is upset that he has been getting money from a "commoner" and a convict. He is also upset that he is not destine to marry Estella since Miss Havisham is not his benefactor. But, later on, he realizes that he has been neglecting his family. When Magwitch tells Pip that he wanted to give him all of his fortune because Pip had been kind to him on the marshes, Pip realizes how important the kindness towards others is. He realizes that kind acts can go a long way and those that people do for you need thanks. He realizes that he needs to go thank Joe for all he has done for him, much like the convict had thanked Pip. So, he realizes that the kindness that people show you is more important than their money or their social status.

Later on, when Pip goes back to the Forge to see Joe, he is very upset. He feels so bad that he has been so mean to Joe and neglecting him. When Pip returns, he tries to apologize to Joe, but Joe is not interested. He brushes off the ordeal, like it never happened. He treats Pip the same as he did when they were living at the Forge. He does not care about the past, just the future. But, at the same time, Pip falls very ill. While Pip is sick, Joe cares for him. When the debt collectors come by, Joe pays off all of Pip's debts without even thinking about it. Pip feels ashamed that he has built up so many debts and that Joe has to pay them, but Joe does not care. Joe is just glad that Pip, his best friend, is back. It is also when Joe pays Pip's debts that Pip realizes that Joe does not care at all about money. He does not care if he is rich. He just cares about his friends and family, and the love he shows them. This shows Pip that his values have been turned upside down all this time. He realizes how important friendships and family are, and how money and status come second. He begins to change his life



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