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Great Expectations Continued

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I decided to invite Estella for dinner back at home with Joe and Biddy, not sure whether she would accept. Surprisingly she accepted my invitation. So we headed back to Joe's and on the way we talked on just about every subject there is to talk about. I was already aware of what had happened to Estella, but she told me the whole truth. She even described the beatings she had received from Drummle. He really turned out to be a brutal man. I was surprised that Estella was still able to walk after all the punishment she had received. Although I was not as sympathetic for her as one probably should have been. The beatings she suffered do not compare to the beatings she and Miss Havisham gave to my heart. "Forgive me", Miss Havisham asked this before and now Estella asks me the same question. "Please forgive me for what I have done to you. Miss Havisham created me as a monster for men; I wish it were not the case." I was a bit hesitant in forgiving her for I was suspicious that it may be another trick by her to lead me on. Maybe she too despises men for what Drummle had done to her. Perhaps she is just trying to use me again for her own advantage. Or maybe she is being honest and sincere, her voice does not sound like a proud woman, but that of a humble, sincere woman. All these thoughts were dancing around in my mind and causing me torment. Estella asked again "Can you forgive me, Pip?" I stopped walking and paused again with all my thoughts. "I forgive you Estella" I had decided to give Estella another chance. She probably had changed; she was coming for dinner at my house anyway. But I had come to an agreement in my mind that if she betrays me again, that's it. I won't want anything else from her.

Dinner turned out very well and my conflicting thoughts of Estella were shattered into a thousand tiny pieces and burned. She was able to talk to Joe and Biddy and Pip junior, who she was surprised to see, as if she knew them very well. I was unsure how dinner would turn out, but my concern was lost as soon as we walked into the door and Estella almost instantly started talking to Joe and about how he had changed since she last saw him at Satis a long time ago. Joe was dumfounded, as he was before at Satis house. I explained what had happened and then Estella told the story of what had happened before, except this time she left out the very personal details. After dinner, Estella had to leave and it would be the last time that I would see her for quite a while.

Estella and I still had unfinished business to attend to in our business lives; we had agreed to meet again after 6 months in Kent. I was able to set up Herbert with a successful business; he and I are doing great. When I met him again, we came up with many new ideas to implement no our current success. However, even though we were having a great time together I could not stop thinking about Estella.

There is now a renewed hope of us being together as that vile spider, Drummle, had died. He was an evil man, he even had the nerve to abuse Estella and treat her like dirt. He didn't deserve to have such a beautiful wife as Estella.

Six months passed by quite rapidly with the success of our business and it was time again to go back to Kent and meet with Estella as we had agreed. I left Herbert again and left again for Kent. I decided that I would go and see how Joe and Biddy were going. They are the greatest of friends and I don't plan on abusing and neglecting their friendship again.

When I arrived, Joe was sitting in his chair smoking his pipe and Biddy was doing her knitting and was half - way through making sweater for little Pip. He had grown up very well and was growing to form quite a handsome and well built young man. By that time, Pip junior had begun working on the forge. Joe told me that he wanted to become a blacksmith like Joe. I looked at the forge where I have very fond memories, whether it was Joe and I talking or if it was Joe protecting me from my sister when she went on a rampage. Estella and I had planed to meet in the morning the next day. So I stayed at Joe's that night and the four of us talked well into the night.

I woke up a bit late the next morning and was still tired when I got out of bed. Joe and Biddy were only just getting up as well but Pip junior remained asleep. I got dressed as quick as possible in the decent clothes and then ate breakfast very quickly. Joe was worried again about why I was in such a hurry and thought that I was trying to leave as quickly as possible. I had to pause and explain to Joe why I was in such a rush and that Estella would be waiting for me. Joe was relieved to hear that I would be back again in the evening and told me that Estella would be welcome again if she wanted to come for dinner again. After this I headed out to see Estella.

I walked down to Satis, as I had six months ago. The house had been completely torn down now and I spotted that there were some equipment lying around still. I then saw Estella and once again she had dramatically changed from when I last saw her. This time she looked much healthier and happier. She was much happier now that Drummle was gone and explained to me that she decided to rebuild Satis house except this time it would be a bit smaller and more open than concealed. She said she was sick of having a stone heart and asked if I would help her. She wanted me to help her in the construction of the new house and she also wanted to be able to experience feelings and love. She wanted to know how I felt before she and Miss Havisham broke it. I told her that I would be able to help but I was still obliged to go and help Herbert who decided to go back to London and make that the 'head quarters' for his company. He had now started making chains throughout the country and also in France. He did not have many, but he now needed some more managers to manage his other chains. He really needed my help to do this as well as other financial jobs. Thus I was divided with helping Estella and Herbert.

I stayed and helped Estella for two weeks after that meeting. The new house was coming along well and she invited me to stay with her, as friends. The bottom floor of the house was close to finished. While there was construction, we both stayed with Joe, Biddy and Pip junior. We all did our best to show affection for Estella who began to be able to understand feeling, although she always thought she wouldn't be able. After the two weeks, I needed to go to London and see how Herbert was doing. Estella said that she would stay at the forge and would probably begin moving into the new house before I got back. She also said that she would begin taking my things into me room in that house. This meant that when I got back I could go straight



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