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Good Psyc Reads

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Martin, R. (1994). Out of silence: An autistic boy's journey into language and communication. NY: Penguin Books.

Fascinating account of the author's nephew Ian and his family coping with autism.

Maurer, D., & Maurer, C. (1988). The world of the newborn. NY: Basic Books.

Fascinating, award-winning account of the world as perceived by a newborn.

Maurice, C. (1993). Let me hear your voice: A family's triumph over autism. NY: Fawcett Columbine.

Account of Anne-Marie, an autistic child, and her response to behavioral therapy.

McCrum, R. (1998). My year off. NY: W. W. Norton.

Robert McCrum's account of his long, arduous recovery from a stroke пÑ--Ð... an extraordinary emotional journey made by the English editor for a large publishing house who must recover his faculties and get on with life. No less inspiring is the story of his wife's crucial role in his recovery; the inclusion of excerpts from her diaries provides a rare insight into "the terrors and hopes, weaknesses and strengths of two people who chose to make a life together" and whose lives were forever changed by the stroke that occurred only few weeks after they were married.

McNamara, B. (1994). Breakdown. NY: Pocket Books.

Somewhat lurid but true story of a Harvard Medical School student who committed suicide less than a year after he terminated therapy for depression. After his death, it became apparent that he had been involved in a bizarre form of experimental therapy. A disturbing, widely-publicized case that raises difficult questions about interdependency in therapy and about professional ethics.

Milgram, S. (1974). Obedience to authority: An experimental view. NY: Harper Torchbooks.

Highly readable account of Milgram's classic series of experiments including implications of those studies for understanding human behavior. An appendix includes a consideration of various ethical issues raised by the experiments.

Miller, D. (1994). Women who hurt themselves: A book of hope and understanding. NY: BasicBooks.

Psychologist explores "women at war with themselves" including case of self-mutilation, cosmetic surgery, and eating disorders among other things.

Moorman, M. (1992). My sister's keeper: Learning to cope with a sibling's mental illness. NY: Penguin Books.

A moving story of two sisters, one with schizophrenia, the other trying to care for her and at the same time cope with her own fears for herself and her children and her family.

Moskovitz, R. A. (1996). Lost in the mirror: An inside look at borderline personality disorder. Dallas, TX: Taylor.

"Lost in the Mirror is a journey in the shoes of the person with Borderline Personality Disorder." Extensive resource section makes this a valuable tool for those with BPD and anyone close to them.

Muensterberger, W. (1994). Collecting: An unruly passion. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

A psychoanalyst discusses people (some famous, some not-so-famous) who are obsessed with collecting things. Rather different from most of the other books on this list, and heady stuff (that's an inside joke for those who have read the book).

Mueser, K. T., & Gingerich, S. (1994). Coping with schizophrenia: A guide for families. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications.

The title says it all -- step-by-step help, including several dozen practical worksheets to fill out as you go along.

Murphy, K. R., & LeVert, S. (1995). Out of the fog: Treatment options and coping strategies for adult attention deficit disorder. NY: Hyperion.

The chief of an adult ADD Hyperactivity Disorder Clinic provides an excellent, readable, practical guide to the diagnosis



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