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Gilded Age

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The Gilded Age marked the starting point of what is known as the American Industrial Revolution. During this time many new inventions came about along with new industries. The two main reasons why more new industries started were because there was an increase of natural resources and population. Population increase meant a larger workforce. There were two kinds of businessmen in the industry. Robber Barons were businessmen who were often criticized on they way they made there money. They were people who stopped at nothing to achieve great wealth. They stole from the public to make their money. They also paid workers as little as possible, as well as putting them in dangerous working conditions. Captains of Industry were the direct opposite of a Robber Baron. Captains of Industry were ingenious businessmen who changed American economy with their business skills. They made the community better by making factories which allowed for more job opportunities. They were also known for being very generous towards the community in charity. With this knowledge I feel that John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Milton Hershey were all Captains of Industry.

John D. Rockefeller is argued on whether he is a Robber Baron or a Captain of Industry. I believe he is a Captain of Industry because he earned his money through his brilliance and hard work. Rockefeller was the first billionaire in the United States. When he was young he thought that there was no future to the oil company. However a short time after that he invested in the oil industry. He is a Captain of Industry because he owned twenty five refineries and was making a lot of money. Owning more refineries meant more productivity, which is a characteristic of Captains of Industry. Another reason why he is a Captain of Industry is because he was the main person to organize the oil industry. He ran the industry with such efficiency he was soon able to buy up competitors. The more competitors he bought out the more factories he could have. This allowed for more availability of the oil. Another reason why Rockefeller is a true captain of industry is because he had an interest in philanthropy. He donated five hundred thirty million dollars of the money he made to medical research. He gave generously to the Baptist Church, along with the YMCA, and Anti-Saloon. He was also known for founding the University of Chicago. He was a good businessman who gave much of what he earned back to the community. Andrew Carnegie was a true genius of his time. He started what is known as the Keystone Bridge Company. He also built a steel-rail mill. He went through many jobs before organizing the Carnegie Steel Company, which launched the steel industry in Pittsburgh. This is a reason of why he is known as a Captain of Industry. His industry provided many jobs which raised the standard of living in America and made him very wealthy. Another reason of why he is considered a Captain of Industry is because he his industry became



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