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Gender Inequality

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Essay Preview: Gender Inequality

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Gender Roles

Traditional role expectations for men and women and occupational role segregation are

still very significant fators in our society.

As an example I will show the most popular example that is righ in our homes.

What does it take to get couples to share the work?

Nearly two-thirds of all women would like men to do more, especially when it comes to

cooking and cleaning, according to a recent survey by

The survey found that 68 percent of women respondents said they were primarily

responsible for the housework in their home, but only 9 percent of men said they were

the primary homemakers. In addition, 69 percent of women said they were primary

responsible for cooking meals in their households, as compared with22 percent of men.

It also found that more than half of the men questioned-55 percent- were satisfied with

the balance of house-related duties. But only 34 percent of women were satisfied.

That is no surprise to Josh Coleman, author of the book "The Lazy Husband: HOW TO

GET MEN TO DO MORE Parenting and housework".

"In truth, women do more, "Coleman said. "And most men either don't see it or don't

realize it or don't value it".

Some guys still believe in the old stereotypes- that housework and childcare are still a

woman's responsability, and they have all kinds of excuses for not helping out, Coleman

said. He even has names for them:

-The "boy-husband" who is needy and pretends to be incompetent around the house.

-The "perfeccionist husband" who wants the house and kids to look perfect but doesn't

want to do the work himself.

-The "Satatus seeker husband" who puts his career before his familly and spends little

time at home.

-The "I get no respect husband" who doesn't want to look weak, so he makes excuses

and avoids helping out because he believes his wife won't respect him if he does more

housework and parenting

Others have no idea that their wifes do so much, Coleaman said. But the reality is

that "their wifes are typically doing much more than their mothers did".

And it's even tougher on women who work outside the house, Coleman said. "Men don't

appreciate working moms-they don't appreciate the amount of guilt and worry they feel"

as they try to juggle work while keeping house and raising a family.

On the other hand more men are helping out than ever before-especially those in their

20s, who probably do more than those in any other group. "Most guys feel, 'Gee, I'm

doing so much more than my dad ever did, and even than my guy friends do, so why

doesn't she just see that and give me a break?" Coleman said.

But it's still not enough, he said. One recent study showed that women spend an average

of 11 more hours a week on housework than men.

Scott halzman, a Brown University professor and marriage therapist who recently

published a book called "Secrets of a Happy Married Man", agrees that women tend to do

more. But on the flip side, he said, " I think women underestimate what men do."

First, most men have a longer commute and put in more hours at work than women do,

so they don't have as much time to work around the home, Haltzman said. And, he

contends, most men would willingly give up the responsibility of being the prime

breadwinner in the familly. "But until our wives tell us we don't have to



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