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Gattaca Social Hierarchy Essay

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Within the Gattaca institution there is clearly discrimination against those that were naturally born, and those that have been genetically altered to be the dominant race.

Vincent’s narration of his birth makes it immediately apparent that those who are born naturally are viewed as lesser beings in society. this is exemplified as his father denies him of being his namesake, while his younger, genetically born brother, Anton, is “Worthy of his father’s name…” The contrast between Vincent and Anton’s childhoods represent the consequences of how being naturally born can result in being perceived as less worthy than others.

Subsequently, Nicol illustrates the difference in dominance between Vincent and Anton as significant lighting and camera angles are employed to distinguish this abstract barrier. When introduced to Anton, a noticeable change in lighting is evident. As his father is measuring his height, Anton is bathed in a golden, glowing light; almost heavenly, “a son worthy …. of the father’s name”. The set’s colour is richer and the positioning of the siblings’ height marked out on the wall indicates that Vincent is less superior, and when he erases his own name from beneath his brother’s it is clear that he is feeling the impact of this constant judgement. The audience is shown a comparison of the differences of the brothers that age eight, Anton is taller, better looking and has a broader figure than Vincent, who at age ten is smaller and wears glasses. Furthermore, through this comparison the audience is shown which brother is superior.



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