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Essay Preview: Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is told from the point of view of Nick Carraway who lives next to Jay Gatsby, the intriguing central figure in the the book. Jordan becomes a temporary love of Nick and is always the friend of Gatsby's passion of his life, Daisy Buchanan. Jordan Baker is a major character in the classic book The Great Gatsby.

Jordan Baker's description in the book gives us a more personal feeling with her and also gives us an idea of what a women was supposed to look like in the specific time period. Fitzgerald tells us that Jordan is a small breasted petite woman who has an athletic body that fits her career as a golfer. She is pretty, especially in the eyes of Nick. Jordan's physical traits are also very comparable to those of Daisy's. Her physical description gives us an idea about her lifestyle and how she becomes the passion of Nick.

Jordan has a very strong personality that fits in with just about everyone else in the book. She is respected and loved throughout the city and many people take a liking to her. She is trusted by most, despite an incident in which she was caught cheating in a golf tournament. This bit of information helps illustrate the belief that almost everybody has been corrupted in the quest for wealth.

She is also chosen by Gatsby to be his go-between with Nick in his attempt to hook up with Daisy. As the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy develops, so does the relationship between Nick and Jordan. This gives a view of how two mild mannered people can end a relationship (shown in their conversation at the very end of the book) without it going down in flames, in the way Gatsby and Daisy's relationship went.

The theme of the book is that in the pursuit of wealth, people sometimes prey on other people to get their way. Jordan helps add to this by her cheating ways to win golf tournaments, even though she is relatively mild mannered. This theme is illustrated by the deep corruption



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