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Gandhi Essay

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Mahatma Gandhi debatably one of the most influential individuals of all time. A man of peace and people, he was a major political and spiritual leader to India and the Indian Independence Movement. Believing in Non-Violence and truth in even the most extreme of situations, he had a profound impact on the world of his time showing many that violence was not the way to solve anything. He lived on a simple vegetarian diet and even made his own clothes, he led numerous marches against unfair taxes and acts, and over his years was imprisoned numerous times. This essay will go over a rough look at the life of Gandhi from Early life to his assassination.

Gandhi was born in Porbandar on October 2, 1869 as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, he was given the first name Mahatma meaning, "Great Soul" later in life by his followers. His father Karamchand Gandhi, was the prime minister of Porbandar. Throughout his younger years in life he was never a very advanced student and was never to interested in school. He had an arranged marriage at the age of thirteen to Kasturba Makhanji who he had four sons with.

At the young age of eighteen Gandhi went to London to attend the University College London and practice to be a barrister or lawyer type. He started learning about Buddhism and Hinduism, never before had he really been all that interested in religion but soon he was learning all he could about almost every major religion as kind of a side hobby. He never had much success in the courts and found it hard to get by. Some say the courts were really a major turning point in his life, because it really opened his eyes to the discrimination that takes place. His first personal experience when they asked for him to remove his turban, he refused, and stormed out of the court room.

Gandhi starting becoming very interested in political rights and started wondering were him and other Indians really stood in society. He started protesting for equal rights, treatment, and acceptance in society for Indians as well as others in a non-violent non-confrontational way and quickly began acquiring loyal followers. He led countless marches and movements demanding individual rights, lower taxes, changed laws, and the removal of Britain's presence



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