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From the Highest of Highs to the Lowest of Lows,

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Essay Preview: From the Highest of Highs to the Lowest of Lows,

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From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, we are surrounded by patterns. Patterns which we may or may not recognize. The rainbow’s colorful arcs, the tiny spherical drops of water, the yearly cycle of the seasons, animals’ prints in the nature of zebras, giraffe, jaguars and such, but these entire examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Nature’s patterns may be arranged exquisitely but they’re not just there for aesthetics, they are also vital that oversee natural processes like how the regular motion of the stars give us a clue that the earth rotates and how the rainbow tells us of the scattering of light which ratifies that raindrops are spherical. There is much beauty in nature’s clues that when we recognize it, it is difficult not to observe it. Numerology, as what Stewart had stated in the book, is the easiest and consequently the most dangerous method for finding patterns for the reason that anybody can do it. And it was only within the last thirty to forty years that humanity had become mindful of the two types of patterns, the fractals and the chaos. Furthermore, we also have the geometric patterns, the patterns or movements and lastly, the patterns that we thought were random and shapeless. And all these jump to a single entity, Mathematics. By which, is a formal system of thought for recognizing and classifying patterns developed of the human mind. In addition, the simplest mathematical objects are numbers, and the simplest of the nature’s patterns are numerical.

After knowing these things, aren’t you amazed of how Mathematics, a course a lot of people curse could bring out such beauty.  But, what is Mathematics really for? What is Mathematics about?



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