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Fraud Reality

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A Movie Review

Warning: Spoiler!

Due to summer's intense heat that makes me ÑŒber bored, I had a movie marathon yesterday. I watched the movie Click, a funny but heartwarming comedy movie. It's highly recommended for everyone! It stars Adam Sandler as John Newman, a workaholic architect that forgets to give enough time for his family. Together with his wife (Donna) and his two kids (Ben & Sam), he faced a dilemma because of his newly purchased universal remote control. He got this remote from a guy named Morty, an Einstein-like inventor that works at his own lab called Beyond. At first, Michael found comfort from his newly found friend, the remote. He was able to control anything around him. Seems like a blessing? Nope! It came to the point that the remote starts overruling his choices. It fast forwards his life every time he aspires something great in the future. Later did he discern that his dad already died, his two kids broke and his wife got married again to another man. From that point, he found out that Morty is the angel of death.

He saw himself dying while plunged through the rain. He told his son, family and God should always come first, as his last words. The next scene showed Michael, sleeping comfortably on a bed at Beyond department store. He automatically realized all his mistakes he has done on his family because of his eerie dream. He wanted to start again and make it up to his family. The movie ended with a picturesque of happy family, living together and happy together. All's well that ends well!

I love this movie so much! I nearly cried when he saw how he treated his father during its last days! He broke his life because of a stupid remote control. Lesson number one, have quality time with your family. Don't ever, ever take them for granted. Lesson number



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