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Foundations of Management

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        Foundations of Management – Unit 2 Accomplish

Bluefield College

Foundations of Management – Unit 2 Accomplish
USA Today- Interview with CEO of McDonalds about Healthy Menu Choices

Being a major contributor to the world of fast food and known internationally, we face the challenges and backlash of the unhealthy food reputation of the fast food world.  Throughout the years, we have suffered attacks on the nutritional value of the foods presented on our menu.  We realize that there is a significant movement to fight obesity and provide healthy food choices.  

In our history, we made menu choices based on wants instead of needs.  Our profits were high, we were selling great tasting fast food at low prices; however, with any food it must be consumed in moderation.  Our stockholders were happy, we at McDonalds were happy.   Then there was a movement across the country, a war on obesity.   McDonalds, a fast food giant known throughout the world made a good target. We started accumulating lawsuits from people that accused our company of contributing to their obesity.  We knew we had to invest in a way to make our menu choices healthier and more nutritional.  Our profits were spiraling down.  

McDonald’s reputation in the area of nutrition may have been negative; however, we have had a commitment to social responsibility.  We developed the Ronald McDonald House, where families with ill children may stay during the child’s treatments.   We are deeply involved in philanthropy.  With all of our community efforts, we still have been bashed for the nutritional content of our menu.  

We decided to begin a new campaign to promote healthy food choices and to participate in fighting the war on obesity.    We began promoting exercise and healthy programs for children.  We unveiled our new healthy options menu with premium salads and fruit.  We began our “"McDonald's Go Active! America Challenge," campaign with fitness experts Bob Greene and Donna Richardson”” (Freeman, 2004) .

The new healthy menu and marketing campaigns were introduced as an ethical choice motived by social changes.  So, if you were to ask me if I think I am ethical in making the change to healthier menu choices or if this just our company complying with social demands, I would have to say both.  We are ethical in our decision to change our menu and provide more nutritional food choices and programs to join in the fight against obesity.  We have a social responsibility, an obligation to pursue policies, make decisions and take actions that benefit society (Williams, 2011).  We are also complying with social demands, as would any company.  A company has an obligation to its employees, shareholders, and stockholders to be profitable.  Therefore, yes, I think we are being socially ethical and complying with demand of society.

Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina

Salsarita’s Fresh Cantina is starting to gain momentum in the Mexican fast food business.  The chain is known for its people, food, and world class hospitality ("SALSARITA'S FRESH CANTINA; Salsarita's Fresh Cantina Experiences Strong Growth in First Half of 2009," 2009).  Salsarita’s promotes the freshness of its food and they include a breakfast menu.  I believe the increase in the growth of Salsarita’s has caught the eye of some large fast food chains including Taco Bell.  The fast food giant has begun adding some healthier, low-fat choices to their menu.   As with any competing industries, they want to be the leader in providing for their customers wants.  



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