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Foster Care

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Foster care is so important because these children can’t find a home, who can adopt them. Foster care means is like a way of providing a family life for children who cannot live with their own parents. Foster care is here to keep all the children safe from the bad things.

In 1980, almost 300,000 children in the United States spend all their times moving around to foster home after foster home. By 2001, there were about 800,000 children in foster care, with all 540,000 children they had the foster home at any given time. More than 1,000 teens and kids get sexual and missed around. Kids want to know why they get put in Foster care or get taken away from they brother and sister. The reason is abuse, neglect, welfare agency, physical or emotional, incarceration, AIDS, and death. A lot of kids and teens are scared to be around man and woman.

Soc Worker helps the kids feel safe and help keep their brother and sister together because their loved one died or their parent can't keep them.Foster children are not only having difficulties with their attachments, they also experience more than other factors that have the change in their development. These children were put in foster care, that can be a reason why more difficulties than non-missed treated children. Lots of kids are getting missed treated at home but that not supposed to happen to them, they need to get in a better place like a foster home. Most kids that are missed treated they are feeling overwhelmed and struggle with their life routine, like school or their social life. They are looking forward to that change in life.

Foster kids need someone who will love them and not hurt them. They have been through abuse and neglect at home. Many of these children don't get the close relationship with their real parents because of its distress. Many of these kids live with a stranger that is trying to take care of these kids can be mean or sweet for them.



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