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Foster Care

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Foster Care

I am tired of this; I cannot handle the situation anymore. I hate this school; do not want to go back. My mom lets me do what I want because she is tired of arguing with me. I need structure. It was my freshman year of high school and my living situation was unhealthy.

"Natasha, it seems as though you cannot listen to your mother and she has gotten to the point of exhaustion with you. You have failed to follow rules; come home on curfew, go to school on regular bases, letting people stay the night without her permission; we have given you many of chances to do better and you have failed to do soÐ'..."

I did not know what to think. I knew that the judge was mad at me and that I had not done what he had told me to do before. I did not like the school that I was attending and refused to go. Thinking that he would get the hint that I was trying to portray of me disliking that school I only made my situation worse. I had no motivation to go to school and if I did not want to attend I would argue with my mother until she was tired of arguing with me and let me stay home. It was not her fault that I did not listen, although it was her fault that she should have made me.

"I told you the last time you were in this room that there is only one more chance, Natasha, and I meant that. It is to my knowledge that you have completely rebelled against what I have told you and have refused to listen so therefore, your discipline is now going to be in my hands. It is within the power of me and the Crawford County Division of Family Services that you become a ward of the court."

Ward of the court, I did not understand what he meant. He then told me what was going to happen next.

"I am very sad to say that such a beautiful girl as yourself can disobey as you have. I had given you one last chance to abide by the rules and you have failed to do so. Natasha, your mother will be bringing all of your belongings to the court house this evening where your case worker will be transporting you to a foster house. The foster house, in which you will stay until we adjourn in court in the fall, will then provide for you and report back to me of your progress. If I see that progress is being made, we will then let you have contact with your family. Although if progress is sustained, I will refuse the request of having contact with your family and you will continue to do what I say.



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