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Forecast Report Sdn

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Session 2 October 8-13 2017


Next Billion, Next Practices

Double digit growth rate, increasing number of billionaires, rising middle class, emerging business giants: the Indian business landscape has experienced a revolution over the last 15 years. Nevertheless, with 95% of the Indian population living with less than 10 dollars a day and a high rate of poverty, doing business in India requires a completely new approach. India is therefore the most innovative laboratory for new business models and social innovation.

This session aims to look at new business models designed for low income consumers, analyzing market-based solutions to fight poverty and to understand how these strategies allow the reinvention of traditional strategy in OECD countries.

Topics covered through the different courses delivered by IIM Bangalore include, among others:

-“Next billion consumers and emerging giants”: looking at how leading Indian companies are inventing new business models and fostering innovation to meet the demand from the new consuming class and the growing middle class.

- Innovative strategies and new social business models: India is the most innovative lab for market-based solutions to fight poverty. Participants will be provided with in-depth analysis of strategies to understand the specificities of models designed for low income consumers.

- Reverse innovation: Emerging and BoP markets are a key learning lab for challenging conventional business models and enhancing a strategic innovation culture in all organizations. The reverse innovation process will be analyzed through concrete examples.

The week at IIM Bangalore will therefore help participants to gain an immersion experience into the business environment in India, covering the economy and society with a deeper understanding of selected issues related to innovation, new business models and sustainability. The program revolves around Academic, Business and Cultural modules as described below:

 Academic Module – Classroom sessions at IIMB involving lectures, presentations, discussions and case analysis by IIMB’s Professors and top managers of GE Healthcare, IBM, Idea Cellular, RuralShores, Grameen Koota, etc.


 Business Module - Visits will be organized to create opportunities for interactions with senior executives and entrepreneurs to help gain insights about business practices of IT and micro-finance organizations. Visits have been organized for interaction with GE Healthcare, and Grameen Koota. Experience sharing sessions will be handled by top management from Idea Cellular, Rural Shores, Danone, etc. There is also an opportunity to interact with incubates at IIMB’s Center for Entrepreneurship.

 Cultural Module – Opportunities for cultural experiences include an optional guided tour of the city and a traditional Indian meal.


This program aims to achieve the following:

 Understand new business models in an emerging market business context that is in transition;

 Understand how to integrate sustainability into core business strategies and transform global social and environmental challenges into new market opportunities;

 Discover and analyze new business models that can create financial, social, and environmental value;

 Foster a culture of creativity, strategic innovation, and leadership by applying sustainable innovation learning in all organizations.


The pedagogy involves a mix of lectures, case study analysis, presentations and video-led discussions. Group based project on developing growth strategies for ‘Grameen Koota’ will provide an opportunity for participants to play the role of decision makers based on the real life challenges and opportunities faced by a leading micro-finance organization headquartered in Bangalore.


Sunday 8 October 2017

No formal event has been organized for Sunday evening. You may check into the hotel Ritz Carlton, Bangalore, hotel from 14:00.

Bangalore through the Ages – Bangalore Walks tour – OPTIONAL.

A bus will pick you up from the hotel at 14:00 and drop you back at the hotel at 18:30. For more information please see:

Please let Mathilde BRETAULT ( know if you are interested in this tour by September 30 2017.


Monday 9 October 2017


The Emerging Market Context for Innovation & Growth Opportunities


Learning Objectives: The session will provide an overview of the emerging market context which enables and forces firms to innovate in India.

Content: Coverage includes demographic and economic distribution of households, market structures, rural and urban divide, distribution systems.

Innovations in IT Services


Vice President & General Manager - Operations,

WW GBS - Cloud Application Innovation, IBM

Content: The session will focus on IBM’s experiences in the Indian Market in the last two decades that helped the company transition from a product to services cum solutions business, encompassing the entire IT value change from high end consulting to software development & BPO.


Managing Talent: Challenges of Rapidly Growing Organizations


Learning Objectives: Rapidly growing organizations end up with diverse workforce which brings its own complexities in managing people, enabling team work and a performance oriented culture. Based on examples of organizations that have scaled up rapidly, these sessions help sensitize participants about the need for adaptations to accommodate and embrace diversity.

Content: Role



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