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Florida Nurse Sees Abused Twins in Hospital, Adopts Them

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Essay Preview: Florida Nurse Sees Abused Twins in Hospital, Adopts Them

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Keyairah Richardson  


November 13, 2018


A Florida nurse has adopted abused twin girls who were living in a bad state.  Many pediatrics nurses fall in love with their patients and become attached to their patents. One main concern would be a pediatric nurse adoption the patient or patients due to their patient being involved in a bad environment.  Pediatric is an incredible job to have but due to stress and overcoming. Learning to look passed the bad situation they will have to face due to the environment their involved in and the way the job set up. Nurse Jess Hamm fell in love with these two beautiful twin patients and felt the need to go beyond her job description to adopt these incredible twins. Being a pediatric nurse has many trials to overcome but someone times they have to make decisions based on their patient’s good outcomes.  One thing a pediatric nurse choose to go beyond their job description shows the real truth of the actual pediatric stand point in their job. Many pediatric didn’t just look at being a pediatric nurse as just a job to get income. Pediatric Nurses chose this job to help improve these incredible patients and help them succeed in life beyond their measures.  Pediatric is not just a job you can just get income; this job is a big environment type many can’t fill unless their mentally ready. My project showed the side of where sometimes pediatric nurses have to go beyond their job description and choose to go into their personal point of view. Many people didn’t notice that pediatric nurses don’t just fulfill just their job description.  Nurse Jess shows that sometimes you have to choose the right decisions when it comes to helping out your patients. Nurse Jess also shows and proves that adopting your patients can have a good outcome when it comes to saving the patient or patients.  Theirs many thing and factors when it comes to pediatric the nurses face; such a many patients comes in with many physical injuries. Nurse Jess chose a great decision to adopt the patients due to their circumstances and the state they were in.  I feel that this current event shows the point of view where the nurses choose to think outside of just the job description.  



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