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Financial Analysis

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Compuware Corporation is a first rate computer company that specializes in developing, testing, software, services and creating new technology for several major computer hardware companies. The corporate has been in the information technology field since 1973 investing into business organizations, which includes 90% of fortune 100 companies. Compuware has 99 offices in 31 counties with headquarter located in Detroit, MI. Three individual who are Peter Karmanos. Jr, Thomas Thewes and Allen Cutting founded the company, who had a vision to help people to become excellent with computer by providing service, development of software and new technology. The company employee's over 15,000 people worldwide this includes 3,666 professional billable people. Compuware also offer excellent benefits for their employee's such as they offer on-site day care centers, exercise room, cafeteria, wellness center and sundry shop. They services over "23,000 customers with more than 300,000 users for over 30,000 companies worldwide". "Compuware products are testing, development and management software for programs running on mainframe computer systems, distributed computer networks and web-based systems." (Hoover D & B Company Pg 1) They also create and provide service in application development, implementation and support software for programmers, as well as file, data, systems management tools, consulting, system integration, custom programming, maintenance and support. This corporation sells directly and through distributors to corporate and government customers.

Compuware went public on December 16, 1992 on the (NASDAQ) stock exchange under ticker symbol: CPWR at a split-adjusted price of $2.75 and a member of the S & P 500. They were named the NASDAQ's selected global market?



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