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Comprehensive Financial Analysis

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The International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers merged its Latin and North American Sections. creating a unit called the Americas Section. The new section consists of 13 synthetic rubber member-manufacturers in the United States. one in Canada (Polysar), one in Mexico (Negromex). and three in Brazil. To accommodate the latter three member-manufacturers. IISRP created a Brazil fan Division within the framework of the Americas Section. The new structure will not affect the existing Europe and Far East Sections.

Because of lackluster new car sales in 1992 and more light truck vehicles using passenger tires, the level of replacement passenger tires produced during the year set a new annual record, beating 1991's total by 4%.

Shipments of replacement tires for passenger cars in 1992 should reach 161.5 million units, up from 155.4 million units in 1991. The Tire Market Analysis Committee of the RMA predicts a slower growth rate for this sector over the next two years, rising to 163.5 million units by 1994. A slight upward shift in new car builds caused the committee to revise its prior prediction of original equipment tires shipped in 1992 to 46 million units.

Import levels for passenger tires are anticipated to come in just below 38 million units in 1992, marking the third straight year of decline from the historic high of 44 million units in 1989. This trend is expected to continue as some importers develop domestic production capacity.

Performance and speed rated tires continue to be viewed as the stronger segments of the passenger tire market, with '92 shipments of all-season speed-rated tires exceeding '92 shipments by more than 30%.

OE light truck tire demand and replacement levels should reach 25.5 million units, rising modestly above the 24.8 million level achieved in 1991. This number is expected to continue rising slowly as the economy recovers,



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