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Feminist Theory

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The Rosa Parks story has a lot in common with the Feminist Theory. The movie takes place in back in the 1950s when segregation of buses was a problem. It was also uncommon to see women or wife with children working. Many felt the women’s place was at home caring for her children or doing housework. Many religious folk at that time felt Gods will for the wife was ion the home. Rosa came from a single parent home raised by her mother and brother. Rosa mother did odd jobs like sewing and house keeping for a living, with the assistance of Rosa help. Rosa met her husband Raymond Parks who was a barber and member of the NAACP.

Once Rosa and Raymond married Raymond Parks did not care too much for Rosa working. Rosa was asked to be the secretary for the NAACP taking notes for the meetings. Once Rosa responsibilities went from note taking to secretarial work that consumed most of her time it became a problem with her husband. Rosa asked her husband if she could maintain her position with the NAACP but her husband did not consent and felt Rosa needed to be at home because it was to dangerous. Rosa continued to work and was even told by the NAACP leader Edgar Nixon, “Rosa I’m not responsible if your Husband Parks get upset for you working. God knows a women place should be in the home cooking and cleaning.” But Rosa insured him that everything was fine and her husband did not mind her working.

Rosa was a radical female because she felt that she was not going to be taken advantage of and went to any extent to prove it. Rosa was once kicked off the bus for refusal to get off the bus and enter through the rear, after she paid. This experience also made her husband Parks were weary and determined that his wife should not work and be at home. Rosa had made up her mind that she was tired of the way society was running and was determined that she could make a difference. After Rosa was arrested Rosa for the refusal of



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