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Breggin Humanistic Theory Vs. Brown Feminist Theory

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Essay Preview: Breggin Humanistic Theory Vs. Brown Feminist Theory

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Norma Jean- A case study

Breggin’s Humanistic Theory:

Breggin’s perspective on Norma Jean would be that because she suffers from an emotional, psychological or behavioral problem, she has been violated. Breggin believes that emotional healing is not accomplished using technologies but through focusing more on humanistic traits; which includes intimacy, community, art, music, and play. He would definitely not prescribe drugs, shock therapy, or other methods that do not enhance our humanity. Breggin would take into account Norma Jean’s background as a more important factor in her diagnosis, and focus more on the underlying causes of her symptoms.

Brown’s Feminist Theory:

Brown’s perspective on Norma Jean would be to examine the context in which the creation and expression of her distress causes her to become psychologically distressed. Her theory focuses on searching for the significance for the co-occurrence of group patterns that cause similar distresses. Brown believes that a political analysis of the meaning and appearance of certain symptom patterns within similar women in the Appalachians. Brown would focus on Norma Jean’s marriage, friends, social relationships, parents, and the setting in which distress actually arises. (,M1)

DSM-IV Diagnosis:

Dysthymic disorder may be diagnosed when a persistent depressed or irritable mood is present for at least 1 year. Two additional symptoms of depression must also be present for most of the day at least half of the time during that year to make the diagnosis. Depressive symptoms typical in dysthymic disorder include diminished or increased appetite, insomnia or hypersomnia, low energy or fatigue, poor self-esteem, difficulties with concentration or decision-making,



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