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Favourite Person in the Life

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   Everyone has a favourite person in their life. Some people think that could be a fictional character in a novel. Others would like to choose an actor, a singer or a famous politician. My favourite person was born on 1st August 1980. She is my biological mother. I can say everything about her because she is the most amazing person that I ever knew and the greatest influence in my life. She is not only a mom but also as a best friend. Why do I choose her as my favourite person? It is because she is the only person that would not give up on me. She taught me to always do good to everyone, to treat everyone equally, to not give up when things get hard. She also always there for me to support in everything I do without any criticism. As result, I am able to achieve everything in my life successfully.  Furthermore, she has never broken a promise she has made to me. She often tells me that one should not make a promise if one cannot keep it even it is made to a child. She encourages me to be the best in all that I do. That is why I like her the most.

   Everyone has a favourite person to spend with. Mine is a girl who I knew since I was kid. She is my best friend and my neighbor. Sadly, she had to move far away from me. I could not see her ofter. One day with her was an amazing day ever. It is the day when she came all the way to see me. She surprised me when I was playing badminton with my sister and she came from my back. Just sitting with her in one day brings me comfort. We danced around the house with the grace of a fish  out of water. We sang our favourite songs together happily. I told her everything I have been through. Furthermore, we love to play card games. We would play using weird accents that must be a cross between Russian and Icelandic. I am not sure if anyone else could understand us but we enjoyed it so much. Before she went back home, we cooked a meal together and turned on the music so we could sing and dance while cooking and we have been happier together. Those are the memories I hold wih my favourite person in a day.



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