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Fast And Furious

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Fast and the Furious stars Paul Walker and Vin diesel. They are two very different characters but they also have a lot in common at the same time. They grew up in two very different places and but their childhood have some similarities. Paul and Vin share a lot in common in there adult lives.

Vin Diesel was a labeled child. His father was a stock car driver and he was breed for racing. In the movie Vin plays to like the godfather of the underground racing world. He knows everyone and can get anything he wants and it is always the best. Even though his father being stock car driver was legal, Vin still became a racer.

Vin got thrown in prison for beating a man up within an inch of his life. He was charge with assault and was in prison for two years. In the movie he says he'll never go back, he'll die before he goes back. He told that to Paul Walker and at the end of the movie that becomes very important.

Paul Walker character in this movie is a undercover cop, that is suppose of break up the underground racing world. He meets up with Vin Diesel and they become friends, they race together and Paul starts to work for Vin. At the end of the movie Vin wrecks his car and the cops are coming to arrest him. Paul Walker as a choice he can either arrest Vin or set him free. He lets Vin go because he says he owes Vin a 10 second car. But the real reason was he busted his friend along time ago and he didn't want to do it to another friend.



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