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Away On A Fast Laughing Camel By Louise Rennison

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Essay Preview: Away On A Fast Laughing Camel By Louise Rennison

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In the book Away Laughing on a Fast Camel: Even More Confessions of Georgia Nicolson by Louise Rennison, the main character, Georgia, is going through things that any teenage girl is likely to go through. Georgia lives in England with her mother, father, three year old sister, Libby, and "pure devil" cat, Angus. She is the girlfriend of a "Sex God," who is the lead singer of a band, the Stiff Dylans. She has a group of friends, Ellen, Jools, Rosie, Mabs, and her best friend, Jas, who refer to themselves as the ace gang. She goes to Stalag 14, an all girls school, everyday, well, except weekends, and listens to teachers talk on and on. Sounds like a normal life, right? You do not know the half of it.

In the beginning of the story, Georgia's boyfriend, the Sex God, AKA Robbie,

has gone to Whakatane, New Zealand, AKA Kiwi-a-gogo land for a year. He is a great singer and songwriter who has the dream to "make it big" there. Georgia is very depressed and refuses to leave the house, except, of course, for school. She has called Jas every fifteen minutes since Robbie left. She also wonder s why her "friend with benefits," Dave the Laugh has not called her. She thought he was interested in her. That is just boys, I guess. Later, her friend Rosie calls and invites her to a teenage wolf party in honor of her boyfriend, Sven's, return from "Swedenland." Georgia is not sure if she will go because she is so full of "heartbreakosity."

The SG has been gone for more than a month and Georgia still has not received a letter from him. Then, one day while leaving for school, the postman hands Georgia an envelope. It is a letter from the SG, yay! Georgia is very happy and skips all the way to school. To make her day even better, "Elvis" Attwood, the mean school caretaker, was retiring! Georgia was quite disappointed when she read the letter, however, because SG just rambled on about how beautiful and sheep filled it was in Kiwi-a-gogo land. It did not mention her once! She was very upset until Jas suggested that it might be in code. Genius! She "deciphered" it and got an "interesting" outcome. Finally, she came to the conclusion that it was not in code, it was just a very shoddy letter.

On the way home from school, that same day, Georgia sees Dave the L. She tries to ignore him, but he says that it just gives him the "Mega Horn," where you seem to fall in love with every member of the opposite sex that crosses your path. The next day, Georgia decides to go to the teenage wolf party. She is really only going to show Dave that she is not even a little interested in him. Can she make up her mind? One day she is in love with the SG and the next its every guy in the neighborhood. It is just "red bottomosity," where you are interested in more than one specific person, and the "Cosmic Horn," where you love everything in the universe.

It is the day of the party! There are a bunch of people there, but no sign of Dave the L. While Georgia tries to "entrance" some of the boys, Dave the L walks in. Though she tries to ignore him and tries to casually move away, he follows her. They dance and then when they are about to kiss a girl named Rachel grabs Dave, pulls him to the other side of the room, and snogs (kisses) him. Georgia could not stay, she was about to cry. While walking home, she hears footsteps behind her. It is Jas, she saw what happened and tries to cheer Georgia up. At home, Georgia light a candle at her shrine to Robbie, a picture of him with a statue of Jesus and Buddha on either side of it, and prays for a better life.

One night while sitting on her garden wall she is hit on by two guys, her neighbor, twelve year old Oscar and her ex-boyfriend, Mark Big Gob (Nose.) Mark asks her on a date. What the heck, he will probably chicken out she thinks. She is also visited by Mr. Across the Road. He says that six of Naomi and Angus's kittens had found homes, but one was "going to the vets." Georgia could not let that happen. She has Libby persuade her parents to rescue the kittykat. When they finally got him, they named him Gordon. He was very cute, but a little cross-eyed.

The next night, Georgia decides to see if Mark Big Gob will turn up for their "date." Sadly, he did. After talking for a bit, he pulls her behind a bush and shoves his tongue into her mouth. Erleck! Then, he puts his hand up her T-shirt and up her "nunga" holder. Number 8 on the "snogging scale," something that rates how "active" a relationship is. It startles Georgia and she steps back. Mark loses his balance and falls. He asks her if she goes all the way (Number 10 on the snogging scale.) She says no. Mark seems angry and storms off. Georgia does not care though, she did not like him anyway.

On the way home one day Georgia sees Dave the L. He explains that if she had wanted to go out with him she should have acted faster. Georgia is no longer mad at him for snogging Rachel. They go out for coffee and Georgia tells Dave all about Mark Big Gob. She feels better after talking to him. She begins to think that they are becoming much closer. Maybe even mates?

One day, Georgia decides to write a letter to Robbie. Later, she gives up because she thinks it is pointless. Georgia believes that Robbie does not want to be her boyfriend anymore. She thinks that he does not love her, all because of the stupid letter he sent her. She takes down her shrine of him. She cries for what seems like forever. She does not know that there is good news ahead.

The Stiff Dylans have a new lead singer to replace the SG! He is Italian American. His name is Masimo. One night while walking with Libby, Georgia runs into Dom from the Stiff Dylans. He introduces her to Masimo. As soon as she saw him, she knew she was in love. He is absolutely "gorgey" (gorgeous.)

Georgia just cannot stop thinking about how gorgey Masimo is. On the way home from school the day after she met Masimo, Georgia sees Dave the L. They talk about Masimo for a while. Then, out of nowhere, Dave starts playing "tickly bears" with Georgia. After that he snogs her. He tells her he has the "General Horn"



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