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Family Values

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True Family Values

Maintaining and preserving family values and cultural values has become an extremely difficult task for modern day families. A true family values could be to protect and preserve the family's legacy and good name. Another true family value could be to being close to one's family, supporting each other. The present and future generations may slowly loose their cultural identity since they have started to ignore true family values and in the process putting their own well being at risk.

The main reason that motivated me preserve and protect family values was my grandpa. Whenever I meet my distant relatives or my family friends, they never forget to tell me a little story about my grandpa's achievements. Also, I have observed each person had their own version to say about some thing noble my grandpa has done. At times I wonder why they tell me all these as if they expect me to continue where my grandpa left off. My grandpa was a community leader some time ago in my hometown, a hamlet off the town of Galle, Sri Lanka. The interesting part was he was groomed to lead from his childhood, thus he had to make many sacrifices including his dream for the sake of his family and the service to the community. Simply, he was a man who led by example and by dedication and showed the way forward for many in need. Each and very time people tell me about this great man, I began to realized that I have to protect and continue the respect and legacy my dear grandpa has hard earned in whichever way I can since I firmly believe preserving and carrying on the family's good name and reputation is true a family value.

Neglecting ones family and living a reckless life could have dangerous consequences. I have observed many teenagers and young adults waste their precious time by hanging out in groups, partying in night clubs, getting in to drugs, wasting their parent's hard earned money and most importantly neglecting their studies and in a way kissing good bye to their own



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