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Family Value

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How can we have a good and successful family? To have a sense of Family Values is to have good thoughts and good intentions, to love and care for those who we are close to and are part of our primary social group, such as children, parents, other family members and friends. Successful family is the one, which has a secure and supportive bonding between all members. Family values are values that set by parents to help and make a strong family unit. Family values are not the same in all families but I believe there are some important values that every family needs to attend such as equality, love and respect.

Equality is the quality of being the same in quantity or measure or value or status. Equality is based on honor, integrity, truth and honesty. It is good for all members to learn how to work together as a team and know that each member has different abilities. My older sister was my playmate when I was a child. We went to a piano class together. We had our own jar on the piano. There was a main, full jar, of marbles on the piano too. For each group of songs, scales, and good attitude displayed during playing, we earned one marble. Once the cup got full, we got to "cash" in the marbles for something. We bought toys, video games, and so many other things with our money. We loved the immediate reward of putting marbles in our jars and watching it fill up. The anticipation of the prize was fun for family too. We learned our efforts are paying off, not only in toys. but also in self-discipline, self-worth and self-accomplishment.

Can we have one love and respect, without the other? I believe yes, absolutely. In the military, one respects the commanding officer, but does one actually love them? In the family, if we are very high disciplinarians, without love, our family members respect the authority but do they love each other? Our hearts long to love, but some people's actions constantly degrade our respect for someone. I believe,



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