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Fall Out

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Gerald White brings good skills to the table. He has a great experience with construction and still is young enough to father children. He will play a major role in rebuilding shelters and passing down his traits.

John Davis is young and has a high IQ. His chemistry background will bring a lot to the civilization when we are starting to rebuild.

Fred Frederick is kind of old, but might be able to father a child. He is very smart and has an awesome background with electronics this could boost our technology if he sends on his traits and wisdom to people younger.

I am going to have to make Ray Wilson leave. He may have good health and a good education, but he is quite old. We are trying to build a civilization not for now, but for the future. There is no need for money right now just survival.

The next choice would be Marjorie Baylock. She might be pretty smart and have a medical background, but she is getting to old to have children and has horrible health. If she were to die in the next 10 years that would be a waste to making our civilization grow.

Wanda Brice does bring any real attributes to the group. She is too old and doesn't any have education background that would help us get started. Her health is not that great and could have a strong chance she could die early.

William Gray might be a child and have great intelligence, but he's too young and doesn't bring any skills to the table. Our civilization could make four Williams in one year, but only draw back is that they are 8 years younger.

This was a very tough to choose he has farming skills and a descent IQ. My last person to get rid of is James Stanley. He has a daughter and that could cut out on some of the reproduction that the civilization might need.

The main goal I had in mind was our civilization in the future. I know most people think to focus now and worrying



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