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Fahrenheit 451

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Essay Preview: Fahrenheit 451

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In Ray Bradbury's novel, Fahrenheit 451, the futuristic life the citizens have are very different then our lives today. In the story, the life styles of these characters have opposite roles, expectations, and daily routines that we have today. The "futuristic" life in Fahrenheit 451 is a whole different view of the present, and up coming life we have so for told about the world. This science fiction novel's overview

The roles of our life style have totally different meanings in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. The main role in this novel is the Firemen. They have more of a destructive feeling, yet a firemen in our life gives the feeling of being safe and helpful. Firemen in real life have been role models for some children and are our protectors when there is a fire. They help stop fires rather than start them. In this novel the firemen are feared and supposedly rid the world of difference for happiness of the people surrounding them. These firemen burn books because different people get offended from different books. The roles of fire dogs in life today have the meaning of helping, protecting, and saving our lives. These dogs, or hounds, help find people in fires and spot them out, they save us, unlike in the novel. This book gives mechanical fire hounds a feared, and harmful reputation. The mechanical hounds hunt people down and hurt them so they wont be able to get away from the firemen. They give the people harm in the book instead of saving people like in life today. Those examples of roles in the two different life styles show how different this book portrays the future.



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