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Fahrenheit 451

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Essay Preview: Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451

The novel Fahrenheit 451 was wrote by Ray Bradbury. The setting takes place in future times. The main character (protagonist) in Fahrenheit 451 is, 'Guy Montag'. Guy Montag has been a fireman for ten years and he doesn't realize that he is not joyful towards his life. He never questioned the joy of midnight runs. The plot of the story is basically how Guy turned from being an ignorant person into being a person filled with intelligence and a new outlook on life. Guy is a normal man that can't find his true happiness within. 451 degrees is the temperature that books burn. Literature is taboo in this futuristic society, and Guy's job is to burn any books or news clippings he sees, however his views change for the better further in the novel.

The author Ray Bradbury created a world where literature is not allowed. He's trying to show how bad our world would be without writings and poetry. Guy is one of the many firemen who are supposed to burn every book or writing that they see. People caught with books in their house were forced out of the house while the firemen would burn the house down. The climax of the story is when Guy meets a seventeen-year-old professor who brings the life of writings back into vision. Guy soon realizes that he is unhappy, because he can't express himself through reading novels and most of all poetry. "...And Guy Montag the same person suddenly realized what he had to do"(Bradbury 89) this is the climax of the story because; Guy realizes that he doesn't want to live in a world without Literature.

The best scene in the novel was when Guy met his old professor Faber for the first time in thirty years. Faber impounded the thoughts and beauty of Literature into Guy's head making him a more out going person. This was truly the time when Guy realized that he use to love reading. Faber would read some



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