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Factors Which Influence Destination Choice in Northwest Asian Countries

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Essay Preview: Factors Which Influence Destination Choice in Northwest Asian Countries

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A Study of the Factors that Influence Chinese College Students' Choice of Travel Destination in Asian Countries

作    者 Student Name 陈启超 Ray                                    

院    系 School / Institute  萨里国际学院 Surrey International Institute    

专    业 Programme    旅游管理 Tourism Management                  

年    级 Grade        2012                                          

学    号 Student No.    2012212260                                    

指导教师 Supervisor     陆文玥 Professor Wenyue Lu                    

答辩日期 Date of Defense                                             

成    绩 Score                                                       


Outbound tourism start to be a travel trend in China because of the improvement of Chinese living conditions. In the group of travelers who would like to travel abroad, the major part of individuals in this group start to be college students. College students has become major group of outbound travelers. During recent years, Chinese outbound travelers are willing to choose Asian countries as the travel destination especially in east Asian and south Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Malaysia. However, the travel trend is very different between these countries. The number of Chinese tourists is decreasing in south Asian countries. On the counter part, the number of Chinese tourists is increasing in east Asian countries. Therefore, this paper will discuss the factors which could influence Chinese college student travelers choose travel destination in Asian countries. In this paper, the questionnaire is used for collecting data and descriptive analysis and factor analysis are used for analyzing the data and inferring the result. This paper finally defines 4 common factors which are significant for destination choice. They are destination situations, destination treats, destination images and destination activities.

Keywords: Destination Choice, Factors of influence, Chinese college student.


List of Tables        II

List of Figures        III

Acknowledgments        IV

ChapterⅠ: Introduction        1

1.1 Problem Statement        1

1.2 Purpose of Study        3

1.3 Significance of Study        3

1.3.1 Academic Part        3

1.3.2 Industrial Part        3

1.4 Conceptual Framework        4

Chapter Ⅱ:Literature Review        5

2.1 Destination choice        5

2.2 Motivation        6

2.3 Attributes        7

2.4 Destination image        10

2.5 The Market of College Students        11

Chapter Ⅲ: Methodology        13

3.1 Research Question        13

3.2 Research Design        13

3.3 Population        14

3.4 Instrument        14

3.5 Hypothesis        15

Chapter Ⅳ: Data Analysis        17

4.1 Data Analysis Method        17

4.2 Descriptive Statistical Results of Sample        18

4.2.1 Demographic Information Descriptive Statistical Analysis.        18

4.2.2 Descriptive Statistical Analysis of Factors        19

4.3 Factor Analysis        21

4.3.1. Reliability Analysis        21

4.3.2. KMO Test and Bartlett’s Spherical Test        22

4.3.3 Factor Analysis        23

4.4 Analyzing Result        29

Chapter Ⅴ:Discussion of Findings        30

5.1 Theoretical Implications        30

5.2 Practical Implications        31

5.2.1 Concentrate on Characteristics of Tourists        31

5.2.2 Notice The Security of Destinations        32

5.2.3 Provide Perfect Situation of Destination        32

5.2.4 Improve The Propaganda Power of Destinations        32

Chapter Ⅵ: Limitation of Study        34

Questionnaire of the Research         39

List of Tables

Table 1: Table of Descriptive Analysis

Table 2: Descriptive Statistic

Table 3: Reliability Statistics

Table 4: KMO and Bartlett's Test

Table 5: Total Variance Explained

Table 6: Component Matrix

Table 7: Rotated Component Matrix

Table 8: Common Factor 1

Table 9: Common Factor 2

Table 10: Common Factor 3

Table 11: Common Factor 4

List of Figures

Figure 1: Conceptual Framework

Figure 2: Research Design

Figure 3: Hypothesis

Figure 4: Scree Plot


First of all, I want to express my thanks to Wenyue Lu who is my supervisor. Thanks to his helpful suggestions in terms of the content and style of this paper. I benefited much from his critical thinking, copious knowledge, scholarly expertise, and kind encouragement long before I entered the paper program.



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