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Factors Influence Consumer Behavior of online Shopping in Thailand

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Essay Preview: Factors Influence Consumer Behavior of online Shopping in Thailand

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1.        Introduction        2

1.1 Background        2

1.2 The purpose of the research        5

2. Literature review        7

2.1 The trust mode in online shopping:        7

2.2 The risk control of customers in online shopping:        9

2.3 The information privacy in online shopping:        11

2.4 The website design in online shopping:        14

2.5 The development of online shopping in Thailand:        16

3. Methodology        19

3.1 Research Aims        19

3.2 Research philosophy        19

3.3 Research Approach        20

3.4 Research strategy        21

3.4.1 Quantitative research design        22

3.4.2 Qualitative Research  Design        22

3.5 Data collection Methods        23

3.5.1 Primary data        23

3.5.2 Sampling        23

3.6 Design of the Survey Questionnaire        24

3.7 Access        25

3.8 Data Analysis        25

3.9 Ethical statement        26

3.10 Reliability and Validity        26

4.Data Collection and analysis        26

4.1 Demographics        26

4.2 Descriptive statistics        27

5. Conclusion        36

5.1 Recommendations        37

5.2 Limitations        38

References        39

  1. Introduction

1.1 Background

E-commerce is a moderately new business channel that requires the utilization of innovation channels (ie the World Wide Web or the Internet) to offer and purchase merchandise and enterprises. It is best in class innovation involved equipment, programming and organized gadgets, each of which can be made more reduced as a solitary framework. This new innovation has been connected and executed far and wide, and individuals can interface actually and with organizations by clicking anyplace on the mouse. Internet business is developing quickly and is right now utilized for shopping, data seeks, charge installments, news, climate figures and web based amusements.

Since 1998, Thailand's internet usage has been growing rapidly. The number of users in Thailand in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 were 1.1 million, 2.4 million, 3.7 million, 5.6 million, 7.7 million, 10.4 million and 11.9 million, respectively. Electronic and Computer Technology Center, 2005). The quantity of web clients is identified with the quantity of online customers proposed by So, Wong and Sculli (2005) as Internet clients may likewise wind up plainly online customers. It likewise demonstrates that any business through Internet channels, for example, web based business and web based diversions, regularly offers an incredible open door for business achievement since potential buyers are prepared.

Some business associations have made Internet channels some portion of it their showcasing procedure; they stress on the off chance that they don't stay aware of new improvements innovation, they may lose their rivals' business (Poon, 2003). This caused one The quantity of concentrates in the course of recent decades. Analysts have contemplated this new innovation Various parts of the channel, for example, the states of mind of online customers to hardware Business; How purchasers shop online to meet their shopping needs and what they are Their worries when they are on the web, and the probably shopping swarm profileOnline in the field of web based business (Chang et al., 2004).

The Thai government (e-Business Section, 2004) has been dedicated to promoting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) across Thailand since 2000 adopting two policy initiatives. The latest policy, IT 2010, is the focus of E-commerce, e-government, electronics industry, e-education, Electronics Society and the IT industry are currently in use. There are 15,583 domain names in total. According to the e-commerce section, a name was registered in Thailand in 2004 report.

In an era of globalization, businesses from one country are tied to businesses and consumers Cross the border. Information exchange about products and services is much faster Today's business entities are more than ever before At present, the Internet has become the most basic What matters is most part of the day-to-day activities. The Internet has made it so flexible Convenience 24 hours a day to receive the consumer, and vice versa. E-commerce has become an important feature of the Internet era. according to To the University of California, Los Angeles Exchange Policy Center (2001), online shopping has become the third most popular Internet activity, follow email usage, instant messaging and web browsing. The amazing growth of the Internet shows that e-commerce can play a huge market important role. Businesses that make e-commerce more prominent need to understand Various factors that drive consumers online. In addition, it is also meaningful to study these factors Lead to the formation of each attitude, thereby affecting the online shopping intentions.

Online business people have many e-commerce advantages as well as the client (e Commerce, 2006 Benefits). First, it scales easily National or global. Online business people can plan not to sell products and services Only locals are international as well, because they are Internet-based channels The system infrastructure is usually connected around the world. Second, it can be expanded Internet store customer base. Businesses can provide more product lines There are many more products available to potential customers. In this way, customers now have more shopping options. Third, it Clients searching for information over the Internet are easier Before buying. Fourth, you can reduce the customer's shopping time, resulting in Customer satisfaction and loyalty. Fifth, to provide customers with convenience since then The online shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can shop anytime, anywhere. Sixth, online business people can update the customer database in the system Deal with any purchasing transaction of the customer. Finally, the businessman can Advertise on the Internet saves money and saves time because the cost of using the Internet is Very low compared with other channels. In short, the above is not only beneficial but It is also a businessman in terms of convenience, time savings and better prices.As suggested by previous studies, these three factors were found to have significant effects Consumers buy goods and services online (Chang et al., 2004; Donthu and Garcia,1999; Li, Guo, Russell, 1999; Swaminathan, Lepkowska-White and Rao, 1999).



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