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Factors That Influence Or Affect Helping

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Stages of Group Development Part I

My experience as a group member would be when I was younger. I joined a bowling league just about every place we lived. I love to bowl. On the first week, the manager told us to get into smaller groups and have fun and to get to know each other better. The purpose of this is to get some individual average scores for him to develop good competitive teams. In the past, they just let everyone make there own teams. One team would usually dominate the league. The manager explained everyone would have an equal chance to win a trophy.

After a few weeks into the season our team was not at the top but I knew we could do better. I was always the one who had the highest average in the league. A lot of others would ask for some tips or advice. Bowling is very simple; just roll the ball straight at the pins. Your timing, delivery, speed and rotation are the key points. I just needed time to relax and get comfortable with my team members. As they needed time to get comfortable with me, I think they were a little intimidated by me at first.

During the middle weeks of the season I started to do some coaching to the younger bowlers on my team. Enough time had passed and I could tell who could improve with some kind friendly advice. And with a lot of good words and patients the younger bowlers on my team improved each week. Finally, and at the end we were number one.

Stages of Group Development Part II

Most people resist group projects because they feel no sense of community. There is a failure to bond, and a failure to thrive. Solutions to these problems sometimes never get off the ground. The Group is expected to produce a paper that flows as though a single person wrote it. This can create a huge, even overwhelming challenge because individual voices, writing styles, even format can be completely different. Further problems surface when individual team members resent the way that their work has been edited.

Group members may resist doing activities they perceive to be irrelevant to the overall goal when joining the group. Even those who go ahead and do the activities may feel resentful. The project contains too many steps to reach the outcome. The complexity makes it difficult to understand and to delegate work, and to set reachable goals. Group members become angry because the workload is not evenly distributed.

Some team members may be labeled as



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