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Being Europe's first Fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini gives a brief description of his ideal form of government: Fascism. He begins by saying that the content of Fascism is "an expression of truth in the higher region of the history of thought." In saying this, Mussolini explains that this form of government is in fact a more complicated form of logic than most forms are; it requires much deeper analysis than others. To implement this concept, Mussolini says that exercising a spiritual influence in the world is impossible unless a person has the full knowledge on how to carry this plan out. He gives the quote, "to know men one must know man; and to know man one must be acquainted with reality and its laws." This is saying that one can not fully know man unless he understands how what makes man do what he does because of the direct effect of the law. Fascism not only examines the on an individual level, but also on a national level with the main focus being on Nationalism.

He also brings the facet of spiritualism in to it as well. Moral and ethical conditions are a result of this. "Therefore life, as conceived by the Fascist, is serious, austere, and religious." Man views a concept of a higher law which moral forces regulate. It is viewed as realism and affirms that ultimate "happiness" will never be possible; difficulties will always be present.

The most important aspect of Fascism is the state and the individuals that inhabit it. He basically says that anything outside of the state, no spiritual or humanistic values can exist. Groups inside of the state arise by contrasting interests. Democracy is opposed because it associates a nation the majority. "The higher personality becomes nation." In saying this, Mussolini believes that the nation does not generate the state; however, the state creates the nation. In saying this, it shows how much of an authoritarian ruler Mussolini



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