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External Environment Of Ben And Jerry

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Essay Preview: External Environment Of Ben And Jerry

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External Environment

Competition: Ben & Jerry's Strong competition by Haagen-Dazs Company Inc. and other significant competitors are Dannon, Columbo, Dove bars and Healthy choice. Company has risk of by potential competitors but they take challenges by launching the new product. The Ben & Jerry ice cream is costly but the promotional activities compete the competitors. Haagan Dazs has vast resources but the Ben & Jerry has brand loyalty. The Ben and Jerry has a premium products compare to Haagan Daz.

Political Trend: Ben & Jerry has a strong Politically stable situation in main market.

Economic Growth and Stability: At present United States economy is Weakening but the The demand of product is declining due to economic but they are still at no.1 Ice- cream company and managing the profitability by facing the economic challenges. Supply and demand of ice-cream growth is low. Due to ice-cream competition the customers are looking low priced products. Ben & Jerry's total annual sale in the United States as a whole in 1994 was $3.6 billion, $415 in super premium and $ 550 in frozen-yoghurt market.

Social: Now-a-days people are more health consciousness so the company is investing money in promotions. Ben & Jerry is known for its caring attitude and handling over 7.5 percent of its profit each year fund to social and environmental project. The company make ice-cream using only hormone free milk from local dairies.

Technological Advancement: Ben & Jerry uses advance technology and innovating creative and attractive products. The company takes online orders and delivers the products faster. They have high technological ice-cream machines. The Internet provides abundance of information and helps to market the product. Internet is a convenient way to access the information and find the product. The company website gives



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