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Essay Preview: Ben&Jerry

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Case Questions For "Ben & Jerry's"

6. What technologies has the corporation relied on?

They need to focus on customers satisfied so the technology that they can collect the information from the customer is customer database management. They can introduce a new produce or get some opinion from their customer just only use the database and sending the message to their customer. Communication with manufacturing is the one of technologies that they use to make product follow the customer demand. They can produce the product depend on customer need. The easily way that they can contact with their customer is Website. Everything that they need to know from their customer just pose it in the website and they'll get it but they have to develop the website in the easily and quickly way for the customer to use it. They also use the multimedia to manage with their employee by videoconferences that they can provide or changing new information to improve their product follow their customer demand.

7. What has caused a change in the use of technology in the corporation/organization?

The technologies always change like a demand of the customers. If they need to success they have to use the technology to help them make the right thing. Cost of product is the important thing that they have to aware. The technology is the way to reduce the cost when they need to communicate with their customer even need to introduced new product. Competitions in the market are always stronger so if some can get more information and provide the right product that can make them gaining more market share.



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