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Exploring the Art Market

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Essay Preview: Exploring the Art Market

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This week we share an interesting book for you - "Exploring the Art Market", with a rigorous and literary romance. This book is developed by a kind of writing technique “ethnic culture” commonly used in anthropology, which is to understand and explain society by establishing the first-hand observation and participation description in the practice of the crowd. The research method used is “participatory observation”, which experiences the experience in the sense of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, and conducts informal or formal interviews with key people who come into contact with it. opinion.

Let's take part in the different art market with the author's footsteps.

CH1 Art Auction

   Let me introduce the "art auction" below. First introduce several key terms "auction", "auction", "Christie's" and "Sotheby's" (see ppt for details). The author of this chapter begins with a fascinating Christie's auction and incorporates key players such as collectors, auctioneers, and art consultants. The auctioneers with a dramatic atmosphere of the auction and the sense of ceremonies as shown in the (ppt), as well as the collectors who hold the price tag, constitute the auction site. In this chapter, the author uses the timeline as the main line of narrative, interspersed with auctions, cocktail parties and other activities; informal and formal interviews with people; and some industry knowledge and basic concepts about auctions and art collections. Here is the sharing of knowledge in some articles (see ppt for details).

C2 Art Critics Course

The author wants to explore the answers to several questions in the art criticism class taught by Michael Axe at the California College of the Arts: What do artists learn in art schools? What is the definition of an artist? How to become an artist? How can I become a good artist?

Ai Xu's art criticism is similar to a seminar, and art students propose works to make students criticize. Starting at 10 am, there is no specific end time. Taking the course of the author's participation as an example, a total of three students published their work, and the final end time was 12:55 at midnight. In Axe's art criticism class, the focus is on students' two-way interactive process of creating ideas for their own works and accepting criticism and feedback. This has a lot to do with the art creation of Ai Xu. He said: "I always hope to give life to art debate and make it lively."

This approach has both positive and negative evaluations. The square believes that people remember what they say, more than remember that they listened to it, and group criticism provides a unique situation. Everyone focuses on the work and tries to understand their meaning. Accepting criticism is also an important topic, just as Bald Sally’s famous saying “Art comes from failure”, artists need to keep trying, and they can’t always worry about mistakes. Successful art criticism can be the basis of a long-interpretive community or sub-culture of art. Clegg-Martin said: For art students, the most important is the peer group. In order for the artist to develop outside the work, the artist must establish friendship with the art critics who originally had it. The anti-party believes that group criticism is a social activity that will only suddenly strengthen the rules. And artists often don't fully understand what the artwork they create represents, so when they are asked to explain the meaning of the work, they just create a parallel discussion similar to the instrument.

Most art critics believe that the artist's personality and responsibility are as important as the special beauty that the work exudes. Therefore, it is strongly advocated that the artist's creative intention should be learned in the art criticism, because it is part of the artist's responsibility to accept interviews, dialogue with art critics, and making explanatory texts. "Art Theme" believes that the most important thing for students to learn in art school is how to be an artist and how to be a deserved name. The roots of artist identification are often sprouted in this semi-open art criticism classroom.

At the end of the course, the author did not get an answer to the original question. However, he learned that the "post-studio" art criticism is the most influential and most influential work of Ash. This thirty-year course of "Art Criticism under the Academic System", like Ai Xu itself, listens with care in the eyes of multiple storms, and occasionally speaks a few words.

C3 Art Basel

The Art Basel is held in Switzerland on the second Tuesday of June. The venue is a hall dedicated to the exhibition. The German language is "Messe", which is related to Mesa. Since the Middle Ages, it also refers to the market held by the holiday. Now it is extended to any trade show. The main building has a black glass box with a transparent glass surrounding the circular atrium. Three hundred galleries are distributed along the concentric circles in the square squares on the upper and lower floors. The moving lines are clear.

The Basel Art Fair hosted the "Essence of the Essence", which was decided by the Six-member Committee and favored Swiss galleries and European modern art. Its "Art Expression" exhibition hall allows a small number of rookie artists to have the opportunity to hold solo exhibitions and to arrange the collections of large-scale exhibition halls in the "Artless" exhibition hall. This "United Nations" form of performance strategy has enabled Basel Art Fair to overtake the former Cologne International Fair in recent years.

From 10:55 in the morning, priority is given to VIP entry, and by 9:00 pm, the Art Basel is full of stakeholders in the art industry such as galleries, collectors, investors and art consultants. The sale or purchase of a painting does not depend on the level of the bid, but the identity of the buyer, because in the art world, the artist’s reputation is often increased or subtracted by the person who collects his work. The collectors will not arbitrarily disclose their artistic works, so as not to cause price rise and competition.

Among the art fairs in which the author participated, the most eye-catching work, "Surrounding the Village", "727-727" was sold for $1.2 million; however, the PR price was $1.4 million. In the art market, manipulating the media by mixing the value of art with water and raising the price is a long-standing and common practice. Some people worry that the value-added



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