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Experiential Education

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Most of the time, teachers tell students that learning is very fun, and the best way to convince us is to give us activities that keep us engaged and alert. The problme is that whether teachersIn should provide more hands-on learning experiences because doing so would help all students learn and remember better. However, others say that it's possible to learn without doing and that schools should use their money for other educaional purposes rather than trying to make everything hands-on learning. I believe that the best learning comes from hands-on work.

In my experience, I learn better when I can actually engage with others to complete works. When students do projects, they really learn about the science because they are part of making that science work. This is relatable to learning how to bike, but he doesn't learn how to do it until he gets on a bike and pedals away. Thus, it is important that the teacher provide opportunities for students to do as much hands-on learning as possible. However, those who think that students don't learn anything unless they actually do it are wrong. There are ideas that can't be experiemented with. There is a lot that can b e learned from reading and learning from experts. However, if there is a choice between learning by doing and not having that opportunity, learning by doing is the better way to teach and learn.

On the other hand, other people think that experiential education is important only for students who will work in a career that requires that they do thigns themselves, such as engineering and technology. It's important that students who will enter careers that are skill based have the opportunity to practice this in school. School is supposed to teach students what's needed for them later in life, and knowing how to do experiements or re-create what others have done should be part of this. But the people who argue for this say it is important only for students who will



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