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Exercise Mangament

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Mental Stats:

This player is hardworking. His skill level is lower than many players on the team, and he is constantly trying to overcompensate by being extremely fit. He has problems with players on his team that have natural ability but lack work ethic. He is also having to deal with not playing as much as he wants to. He also has difficulty with this team because he grew up in Denver, and now he has to deal with not performing well in his hometown. He has started to feel like a failure because he isn't producing as well as he did last season. Even though he is working hard he is having trouble dealing with not performing well. The coach has started to ride him in hopes of pushing him to the next level. The coach is constantly pointing out his mistake in hopes of correcting them. However, constantly being put down is having a drastic effect on him. Not only does this player feel like he isn't playing well, he feels like he has lost the ability to take control of the game. This player is in a mental slump, and will try anything to get out of it. He is desperate and wants to succeed like he has in the past, but he doubts his ability.

Past Weeks Performance

Had two games last week. He played 14 minutes vs. UMD. Had 4 PIM. 6 shots on goal. Performed at less than expected. After being short shifted twice because the coach thought he wasn't performing he got in a fight and was ejected from the game. Even though he is a big player, his role on the team is not a fighter. The coach and the team in general was disappointed with his decision to fight. He felt that he had to play out of his role in order to get things going again for him. He lost the fight, which ended up being a big momentum shift in the game as UMD tied the game during the off-setting penalties. UMD ended up winning the game in the 3rd period. Carl didn't get to play in the U Maine game later that week because of his suspension. University of Denver won that game 1 to 0. It was a huge win and Carl feels even worse because his team had success without him. He feels like his role is becoming less important on the team.

This Weeks Schedule- He has a game on Wednesday vs. Uconn which not a very big game. However, Carl wants to get his performance back up, so he is putting a lot of weight on this game. On Saturday he has another game vs. Colorado College their biggest rivalry. He knows that all his family and friend will be there and he wants to do well. The game against Colorado College will also be nationally televised. Carl sees this week as being very important as playoffs are coming up soon. Carl doesn't want to go into the playoffs in a slump, he knows that he has to start playing well right now.

Mental Training Schedule

Carl's mental training program will consist of visualization, focusing, and relaxation techniques.

Visualization should take 15-20 minutes per session

Focusing shoud take 10-15 minutes per session



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