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Executive Leadership - Search for Opportunities

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Essay Preview: Executive Leadership - Search for Opportunities

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Executive Leadership


Submitted by: Cedric Ang

Gage Ang

James Muñoz

Mark Joseph Reyes

Submitted to: Mr. Ryan Lao

Globalization nowadays is rising and leaders of an organization need to keep up with the new trends of the society. Leaders should seek for new opportunities to make its organization or business competitive enough to sustain its stability. In seeking for a new opportunity, there are sacrifices to be made such as old system of transactions, and company rules but in every change, you would like to add there should be a proper process of analyzing and research to know if that additional step is effective and to be included or not.

We think Dick’s attitude that if seeing an opportunity, we need to do it at once, instead of asking a permission he will just ask a forgiveness, this might just work for some people, he was succeed in that case because he might already have some experiences or idea on that area, or maybe that it is his born gift that helps him. We think that if we see an opportunity, we should plan it and analyze it well and don't be rush because that opportunity might be a trap or just a fake illusion, but we must avoid planning it too long because opportunity will pass through us.

We agree what Dick says:” If you want to be successful, doing the things the same way just won’t get it done.” We have seen that the successful company now a day won’t just use the old fashion way of advertising, they also use the new digital advertising to follow the changes, the present teenagers seldom watch T.V. and newspaper, they are more often using Facebook or YouTube to communicate or know what is happening in this world. Successful companies know how to follow up the changes, they invest a lot of money in advertising their product in these website, although they spend a big capital but they eventually increase their profit and reputation of their product. In life, as a student our study habit need to be change in every stage of our academic performance, or else we cannot follow lesson and will get a failing grade, like in kinder and elementary we don't need to be too serious, we are often just playing and learning the basic knowledge, but in high school and college we need to change it to serious mood, because here we are learning the higher and professional knowledge to be use when we enter the society because here we are learning the higher and professional knowledge to be use when we enter the society. Example: Ronald G. Wayne the third co-founder of Apple, he sold his share in 800 dollar, two weeks after the company launched, if he didn't sold his share, it will be worth around 40 billion dollar today. Ronald think that after the company launched, it's the opportunity for him to gain the profit, but the result is he lose 40 billion dollar, in this case, Ronald fail to handle the opportunity, if he have a vision and faith on his own company, starting to plan and work hard after the launched, he would be one of the richest people in the world.

Leaders should be competitive and face the challenges that comes to them and handle them well enough to achieve a common goal. Don’t hesitate to create new possibilities and discover new things. In facing new problems, we should not show that we can’t do it or lack of capability to solve the challenge rather we should enthusiasm, determination and focus on our goal so that our co-workers will be inspired and be determine to face it together with us. Leaders are very important but leaders who can face challenges beyond its economic stability is more needed.

People nowadays should be well prepared in facing problems in the future and handle it properly. You can also challenge the way you see and do the right thing now to explore and discover new ideas in experiences which can help us solve future problems and be competitive. Proactive people tend to be better leaders because they show more determination and be industrious.

We think Jean Campbell’s way of encouraging initiative to her subordinate is good enough because the uncertain situation doesn’t have to be so dramatic. Overacting in the current uncertain situations will give them more problems if they continue this kind of attitude. Their business can really be in a real danger if Campbell doesn’t do anything to address the problem. But Campbell seized the initiative and encouraged her constituents to work with initiative.

We agree in what is written in the book that training is essential to a man’s need without the training our job will be difficult for us to work efficiently and effectively. If we worked on it and failed many times, we will be losing motivation and all the efforts that we gave in doing that field. In business, jobs can be hard if the leader doesn’t motivate the subordinates and doesn’t seek opportunities for his subordinates. Giving training to the subordinates is one way of giving them an improvement not only in skills but also in attitude, excess their level now and become a well-experienced man in their work later. Like in the school, we can’t learn all the things without initiative and motivation. We must give effort on what we are doing because in the future we could find an opportunity or opportunity find us. But this depends on your choice whether you grab it or not. “Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.”-Victor Hugo. It says here if you have an initiative you are a leader that can work without being told by others.

Arlene Blum that has a doctorate degree in biophysical chemistry spent her adult life climbing mountains. She is a well-known climber because she leads the first all –woman team up Annapurna I, the tenth highest mountain in the world. Everyone is asking why? She answered that she wants to prove herself and the capabilities of every women. Although, it’s hard for them climbing up the highest mountain they should finish what they have started even though there were some people who doesn’t believe on them. The real dividing line is passion. It was stated in the book that leadership isn’t just about challenge for challenge’s sake. It should about challenge with meaning and passion. It’s about living life on purpose.

We as a human, we create our story by putting meanings and purpose in our life. That is why we challenge ourselves because we wanted to prove ourselves that we can be better. Likewise, we wanted to have a purpose



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