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Example of Argumentative Essay - Movies

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Argumentative Essay

Movies are easier to understand and visually appealing rather than reading a book. Some movies that are adaptations of books can enhance the setting, scenery and dialogue. Watching the movie as well as reading the book can enhance the experience as a movie adaptation can bring the characters of a book to life. It is also easier for children to watch a movie as books are often written in academic or languages that are difficult to understand. Movies can also tell a story with morals and life lessons that can be implemented in real life.

Movies can also create more job opportunities. There are many different jobs in creating a movie. There is a producer, an executive manager, a director, assistant directors, script supervisors, camera operators, designers, artists and even more. With more job opportunities, the world’s economy would improve significantly. With books, there are only a few amount of job opportunities per book as little as only one which is the writer of the book itself.

Even though watching a movie adaptation of a book is better in many ways, there are also some advantages of reading a book. Reading a book would open our minds and do so much more than broaden our vocabulary as it requires the reader to put brain cells together to read and comprehend a book. While watching a movie, we do not imagine what the characters looks or sounds like. With a book, we are the characters itself and we would also imagine ourselves living in their eyes and shoes.



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