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Evolution And Intelligent Design

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Essay Preview: Evolution And Intelligent Design

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Evolution and Intelligent Design

Evolution is known as a change in inherited genes from one generation to the next. Intelligent design is the belief that there is an intelligent mind at work behind life. These two arguments for the origin of life have been locked in a battle for the past several decades.

Evolution is currently the mainstream idea that is being taught in curriculums across the globe. It is widely accepted by the scientific community and is supported by the scientific method. Hypothesis can be formed, and the theory tested.

Intelligent Design is the main counterpart for the theory of evolution. The organization that pushes this idea is the Discovery Institute. Its chief statement is that many things in the universe such as life, are best explained by an intelligent cause. This notion of life’s existence can not be supported by experiments and hypothesis like the theory of Neo-Darwinism can, and it is for this reason that the theory of evolution is chosen for curriculum inclusion over Intelligent Design.

There are arguments for intelligent design such as irreducible-complexity, and a fine-tuned universe, but these are not thought by the scientific community as a whole to be actually “scientific”. Instead, these supporting arguments for Intelligent Design, and for the assertion itself, are considered pseudoscience or not adhering to scientific standards.

It is not hard for one to realize that the Intelligent Designer referred to in the Intelligent Design assertion is most likely the God of Christianity. Intelligent design says that life must have been created, and not necessarily evolved. Of course there are adaptations to an environment, but not radical jumps from species to species.

Intelligent design would then seem to state that we need God, but God can not be a response to a need or otherwise he would not exist. Therefore it seems



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