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Morals are needed in all forms of societies for them to become successful and survive for generations. Even though different communities have slightly different points of view on many things, the basics still seem to be present. Several ethics will briefly be described, as I see them to be important. They all work together to form a stable and productive society.

To begin with, a base ethic is integrity, which is vastly important. It is implemented in two different ways. The first way is in physical integrity, which focuses on you and your body. To me it is how you take care of yourself, having pride and not using drugs etcÐ'... you're capable of producing more, which contributes to the community. By doing this it plays into the next, which is family integrity. For taking care of yourself you do the same for you and your family as being a good role model to look up to. Now family may not be only your blood relatives, it could include anyone you feel is close. It can be interpreted that you watch out for them, protect the ones you love.

The other embodied ethical factors would include education and work ethic. By obtaining an education your society will only improve, you can accomplish larger and numerous tasks in a quicker manner. Which will only expand your society. With an education you basically work smarter, not harder. Work ethic is essential for having a society prevails, and makes it productive as a whole.

Two of the biggest ones and could be the most important are orders of power and civil obedience. Civil obedience is basic morals as I see it to be compared to the Ten Commandments. Its what makes society in history and today function even though, not all commandments if any are instilled in everyone. From the way my parents have brought me up this is the way I see society to function the best, which adds another ethic of social reproduction. Social reproduction



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